High Ticket Programs and How You Can Fit Them Into Your On-Line Business

There is no better time to start a business. (Note: women are starting them more often than men)

No matter where you are in your on line business, you can add programs that will give your clients what they want and need as well as create great income for yourself. This is true no matter what niche you are in or if you have no business experience. We take your passion and expertise and package it. It’s not rocket science I promise you!

People don’t want more information. There is free information everywhere you look. People want solutions to their problems. It’s your job to filter the information since you are the expert in your field on this given topic.

You need to start by figuring out where there is pent up demand within your niche. You find out that information by talking to them and asking. What is it that your Ideal Client is really searching for and will almost go to any lengths to get what they want.

Your target market does not want more data, numbers, facts or features. They want a way to make their lives easier, fuller, and more satisfying. They want to have you lead them to more wealth, more financial freedom, and a lifestyle they have been waiting for.

People are in pain over the fact that they can’t achieve the above pains or difficulties alone. They want and need your help. You need to be able to speak to them in a way that is so compelling on an emotional level that they know you are the one they want to hire.

Putting the program together is the easy part. How many calls do you want to do each month? Do you want group calls or individual calls? Will you offer the MP3’s, transcripts, CDs, and/or DVDs? Will this be a 3 month, 6 month or maybe a yearlong program? It’s important that you know yourself and how much you can do without creating a ‘job’ for yourself that you don’t end up liking.

The other important piece is knowing your audience. How much time do they want with you? How much is too much and how much is just enough?

I think the biggest way that people make mistakes is by adding more and more ‘things’ to their program. I believe women especially, end up adding too many items to a program and not only will it burn out the person running the program but you will also burn out their clients.

Regardless of your niche people need time to implement whatever it is that will help them reach their goal.

Please believe me when I say adding high end programs can do wonders for your business while at the same time giving your clients what they want and need.

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